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My Most Treasured Moments

As John started his life-long dream of finding his family, the Holy Spirit revealed to him that his father was deceased in 1987 and he had heard, the mother who raised him, mention one time the name "Alderman or Anderson". When he questioned her about his name, she would change the family name to keep him confused. John just wanted to know the truth. So, his dream was to find the truth, his birth family and began to see that God would make a way. We know that everything is in Godís timing and we must learn to wait upon the Lord. Our problem is patiently waiting for God to reveal the truth to us.

When we are ready, God will reveal the truth. Eva Mae had located all her children except John Richard so she had the strong desire to locate him. She contacted the Alma Genealogy Society of New York. John and his wife wrote a letter to Unsolved Mysteries asking for help in locating his family in Ohio but the response came back, "Not enough information." So John continued to follow his heart and decided to keep looking on his own.

The key is to keep the faith and donít give up. Sometimes hope is all we have and it keeps us going. The parts of the puzzle were beginning to fit together. Eva Mae was searching for John and John was searching for her. Then God provided all the keys for John to know the truth. How would he handle the truth?

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